Call for Paper

Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be written in English.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1. Education and Pedagogy

Ø  Educational policy and policy impacts on education

Ø  Management of education and relations between lecturers and students

Ø  psychology of education, Psychology of student and teacher

Ø  Quality of education and improvement method

Ø  Global education and Its challenges and opportunities

Ø  E-teaching/E-learning, educational software and multimedia for education

Ø  Teacher education

Ø  Distance education and education quality

Ø  Methodology of educational research

Ø  Early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, higher education

Ø  Adult and continuing education

Ø  Special education

Ø  Vocational education

Ø  The education act and school rule and protection to students

Ø  Business education and educational foundations, education economic

Ø  Language education, listening and acoustics in education environment

Ø  Academic advising and counselling

Ø  Education history

Ø  Innovative teaching and learning methodologies

Ø  Multi-virtual environment

Ø  Application of educational technology

Ø  Education reforms and practical teaching reform

Ø  Changes and challenges in engineering education

Ø  Interactions between enterprise and education


Topic 2. Economic Development

Ø  Organization and strategy

Ø  Accounting and finance

Ø  Human resource management

Ø  Corporate governance

Ø  Basic researches on macro-management and policy

Ø  Operational management and market management

Ø  Management and decision science

Ø  Entrepreneurship and small&medium-sized enterprise management

Ø  Business intelligence and electronic business

Ø  Information management and management of information systems

Ø  Innovation and reform management

Ø  Risk and reliability management

Ø  Knowledge management and data mining

Ø  Health information management

Ø  Environment and Energy management

Ø  Logistics informatization management

Ø  Project and quality management

Ø  Process management

Ø  Military information management

Ø  Advanced production management methodologies

Ø  Financial management

Ø  Supply chain management

Ø  Human resource management

Ø  Ethics in technology management

Ø  Urban and regional management

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